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Hold Your Head Up, Woman


Holly Quibell has an incredible knowledge of music. She did an impressively in-depth study on music for her university thesis. She is highly intelligent. She is also an excellent communicator and has a great way with people. It’s a pleasure to know her.

Steve Hackett
Guitarist & Solo Artist

This young lady came to a show, sat down with me, and blew my mind with her knowledge of not only my career but so many others!! There's a very special heart in this one. Oh... and she was born the year Never Look Back came out!!!

Darby Mills

Singer/Songwriter, Solo Artist, and Lead Singer of The Headpins


I first met Holly in the summer of 2014. She was studying at York University in Toronto, Canada, and taking an in-depth look at music, in particular, Progressive Rock. She reached out to me regarding my band Klaatu, which were active from 1973 to 1982. Oddly enough, I never thought of Klaatu as Progressive Rock; instead, I think I created a new genre to describe us: Progressive Pop. Holly & I sat on the dock at my home in Richmond Hill, Ontario and talked about Klaatu, music and life in general. Her enthusiasm was infectious, not unlike her smile. Holly departed after a few hours with a couple of binders full of news clippings regarding Klaatu and the silly rumour that they were the Beatles recording under a new name! Hogwash! Our meeting was followed by numerous queries from Holly regarding the band and its history. She was tenacious and left no stone unturned. All these years later we still stay in contact. Cheers Holly.


Terry Draper

Singer/Songwriter, Percussionist & Vocalist of Klaatu


I was first contacted by Holly Quibell some years ago for a virtual interview about my days with Klaatu. Today I took a quick look at her website and was blown away by all the amazing interviews, stories, and insight she has compiled in the time since then. Her dedication and knowledge of Pop music, especially Progressive Rock is second to none. And her writing style is first class. We've been Facebook friends for a long time, have never met, but I feel I know her, and at the very least I know how she feels about the music that inspires her. I get a similar feeling when I hear music from the day when Klaatu was still active. It brings back wonderful memories. And Holly has taken on the task of documenting, explaining, remembering and keeping the faith for generations to come. Holly is wonderful at drawing out the thoughts and experiences of the most creative musicians and bands in our musical history, present and future. Keep on rockin' Holly Q, and thank you for invigorating all our memories of our favourite music, and keeping it all fresh and alive for us and generations to come!


Dee Long

Musician, Composer, Engineer, Producer, and music lover


I've been privileged to call Holly Quibell a friend for the last ten years. We met in a progrock conference in Edinburgh a decade ago and have been in good contact since. It was at that very conference that I became a “fan” we could say. In front of an audience, almost exclusively consisting of balding, middle aged men, this young Canadian delivered an impassioned, storming talk on her countrymen Rush, leaving the audience gobsmacked at the end. Her enthusiasm and sheer joy was a wonder to behold. Her jovial, infectious style was intact in our private conversations after the conference and she brings a healthy, positive and energetic vibe to all of our meetings, be it professional or private.


Dr. Arnar Eggert Thoroddsen

Adjunct lecturer in socio-musicology, The University of Iceland


To say that Holly Quibell is enveloped in the history, recording, and live performance of music would be an understatement. Holly will get to the root of it all. Her written pieces provide the right amount of context paired with a welcoming tone that always makes for a great read. Holly employs her Musicology background to provide readers with the bigger picture whilst introducing them to important and relevant terms and trends. She has a keen way of placing her readers right there in the audience of the concerts she reviews, including all the details you’d talk about with your best friend on the ride home.

Michael Also

Producer & Musician



Just when I thought I knew a lot about pop music, Holly Quibell's enthusiasm and research of the history of pop, rock, and Prog outshines all of us. I'm looking forward to the next interview or the next album review because what she brings to the table is a fresh perspective on a rock and roll history we thought we already knew.

Jaimie Vernon

Author of "The Canadian Pop Music Encyclopedia"


Holly has phenomenal energy and a real passion for the music she loves - primarily prog-rock - for which she has an almost encyclopaedic knowledge.

Dik Cadbury

Steve Hackett bassist 1978-80


I met Holly when she came to work at the Hard Rock Cafe in Toronto. Her fascination for all kinds of music as well as her energy and enthusiasm were palpable. It was refreshing to make a friend who was so interested in music discovery while actively participating in the true culture of music fandom.

Sam Taylor

Professional Musician


unnamed (1).png

I first saw Holly when she provocatively asked whether progression is allowed in progressive rock (you can find the paper on her site). She was talking about Rush and their move in the 80s towards a more synthesizer focussed approach. Her argument involved some very clever fan studies and interviews and she subtly pointed out the conservatism (as in desire to conserve the past) that can evolve within a movement that prided itself on, well, progressiveness.  Overall, her paper was impressive in its fusing of music analysis with ethnographic work and I remember John Covach expressing a very positive response. Holly is a fan herself with a mother-load of music history in her memory banks, but she can also keep a critical distance. Add in her music theory chops and she has the tools to come at music from several different angles. I can even sometimes get her to check out some funk….

Dr. Richard Worth PhD

Lecturer in Music at the University of Liverpool

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